Use of air conditioners should be banned in government sector

Cuba’s energy crisis is felt increasingly by all sectors of society. Summer is approaching and like last year, the situation is not looking good for the residents of the island. The picture is practically the same in all provinces: cuts, consumption limits, etc. By the way, a drastic decision was taken to use air conditioning equipment in the Sancti Spirits plant.

Local authorities have banned the use of air conditioners in all state centres. The novelty is that it will not be in two moments during the day like the previous stages. Now, the limit is total: you can’t run them for an entire workday.

The Provincial Energy Board issued the penalty

The bad news was announced by Yoanny Acosta Solenzar, Director of Electric at Sancti Spiritus. The Provincial Energy Council took action on the matter and did not wait another day to “mandate” the consumption limit.

The manager made statements on the matter to the Escambre newspaper in the central province of Cuba. “A few weeks ago permission was granted to use it from eight to eleven in the morning. However, the situation with the National Electricity System (SEN) worsened again, with many generating units out of service.

The current measure exempts only centers with technical equipment requiring air conditioning. For example, computer server areas, circuit control boards or pharmaceutical laboratories.

Companies cannot afford to keep their lights on unnecessarily. It is prohibited for both indoor and outdoor use of state campuses and institutions.

Meanwhile, irrigation systems should not be used during peak hours. Finally, the industrial zone should turn off its refrigerators during peak consumption times of the day.

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