US funding for MCCI promotes “conspiracy” and “treason”

By ensuring that the conspiracy against his administration is encouraged, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Rated as Intervention and interference Funding from the United States Government Mexican against corruption and punishment (M.C.C.I.), And accused him of treason for receiving money from foreign governments for political pressures.

“Funding the United States government is an act of interference that violates our sovereignty, which is why we are asking for an explanation.

“Why this intervention?”

“Because a foreign government cannot give money to political groups in another country. Our constitution forbids it, you can’t get money from another country for political pressure, that’s all Treason.

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“It simply came to our notice then Plot And conspiracy, to define it ideologically, is not limited to the use of weapons or the military. This is a moment when the military or the military can complete it, but the conditions for carrying out the coup are created with the support of foreign governments and the media, which occurred during the plot against President Maduro. The US ambassador – Wilson – and the press in Mexico intervened.

“Conditions were created, and the rest were tragic ten, which was tragic Fortnight,” he said.


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