De Facto defends himself in the Constitution Room and declares a case that cannot be allowed against him by election

The appeal was presented by the Legislature on the day of the dismissal of the judges of the Constitution Room, but at the time of registration it was declared without place in the three-page resolution.

“The case filed by Citizens Leonardo Alejandro Gallicos Garcia, Edgar Alejandro Menzver Rosales and Enrique Antonio Fuentes Lopez was declared unacceptable by this Court of Appeals 3 and 13 of the former Privacy and Alternative Magistrates, 17. Is said to have violated the Constitution. ”With that resolution yesterday, the magistrate of the Constitutional Chamber de Facto quashed the unconstitutional claim number 31-2021 and defended themselves in the highest constitutional court.

He adds: “The reason is that the actors issue a judgment of perfection because it is a disagreement with the reasons used in the control object (mentioned in I and V of the challenged order) and an attempt is“ correct ”or“ compelling ”according to a particular way of understanding it.

According to one of the plaintiffs in a book on Twitter, Edgar Menzover, the de facto chamber shows his disagreement on the issues resolved, “This case was declared unacceptable (with vague arguments) because we decided to” agree “and” fix “the delegates. We wanted to fix this basic constitutional violation! He said.

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Plaintiff’s attorney confirmed that an appeal had been filed on Saturday, May 1, before the Constitutional Chamber could issue an unconstitutional ruling on Judicial Order 1-2021 against the dismissal of its private and alternative judges.

According to the plaintiff, “The decision of Assemblies as a college organization violated the principles of judicial independence and the organic separation of functions (Arts. 172 Inc. 2 and 85 CN liability).”

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“What constitutional justice awaits us …”, de Facto questioned Menzo before the constitutional chamber’s resolution.

Another plaintiff, Leonardo Gallicos, pointed out that the resolution of the de facto chamber had not been published or published on any public platform of the Supreme Court.

“It has not been published yet, we have already announced it as part of the process, but it has not been released; however, there are only 3 pages in the resolution, and they are,” he always said on Twitter.

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On May 1, in its first full session, the new Ideas Party-dominated new legislature received 64 votes in favor of the judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court and 19 votes against.

After voting to resign, delegates took five minutes to “evaluate” the profiles of the candidates who will make up the new judges of the Chamber.

Lawyers elected by the Legislature for New Ideas for the De Facto Constitution Room: Oscar Lopez Gerais, President-elect; Elsie Tunas, Jose Angel Perez, Luis Javier Suarez and Hector Naham Martinez.

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