Uriel Antuna confirmed that he is practically in Santos Laguna

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Uriel Antunna It has nothing to return Santos Laguna, Which is practically closed and thus the possibility is very certain Eduardo Aguirre Coming to Sivas As reinforcement.

In a YouTube video posted by his wife Penelope Garcia, தி The magician At the time he seemed to talk to his family about the opportunities he had to pursue his career, and he finally stayed Blue Cross.

“It simply came to our notice then It was almost covered with Santos“, he said.

Sivas Y Santos There was an advanced negotiation The magician Dress again Green-white It also opens up the possibility of strengthening the dumb Sivas.

This is a mess, Because I do not even know what toast, Manfreddy He doesn’t even know what to do because he’s angry We already had the offerHe added.

In this function window, Antuna Was across several teams without entering into plans for Sivas. Was able to go United States In an exchange Sebastian Cordova, Was close to Santos and had his destiny Blue Cross, Who removed Roberto Alvarado.

United States In practice No moreHe replied to his wife.

The The magician, Was born Gomez Palacio, துரங்கோ, Developed by talking football Santos Laguna, Where was he when he went until 2017 Groningen de Holland.

I can not tell you Until 5 p.m. Because I know what’s going on until 5 p.m., ”the new player now commented Engine.

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