UPDATED: What do LeBron James’ Lakers need to qualify for the 2023 NBA playoffs or play-in tournament?

The final stretch of the NBA regular season is on fireTeams take out the calculator and find out what their vision is Postseason.

In Western Conference There are three games until this April 5. The Denver Nuggets are on top with 52 wins and 27 lossesAmassing a .658 average.

They are taken away Memphis Grizzlies second in line with 50 wins and 29 losses; The Sacramento Kings third with 48-31; The fourth place Phoenix Suns 44-35 with; In the fifth step Golden State Warriors with 42-38 And LA Clippers Further 41-38 in the sixth.

Let’s remember that the top six places earn a direct spot in the playoffs, so if the season ended today, these teams would be the ones with direct access.

NBA play-in tournament

On the other hand, finishing teams Places 7 to 10 advance to the play-in tournament from April 11 to 14.

Taking that into account, Los Angeles Lakers 41-38 are positioned in the seventh step; The New Orleans Pelicans 40-39 in the eighth; The Minnesota Timberwolves 40-40 in the ninth place and the Oklahoma City Thunder With 38-42 in the top ten, they’ll be in contention Play-in tournament.

What do the Los Angeles Lakers need to qualify outright for the playoffs?

Reiterating that there are still three games left to finish the regular season Must win all remaining matches against them LA Clippers (April 5), Phoenix Suns (April 7) and Utah Jazz (April 9) They still have a chance to clinch a direct ticket to the playoffs West.

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If they get the remaining three hits, they can still achieve a direct passBecause only one win separates them Warriors (42-38) are fifth and maintain the same mark LA Clippers They are sixth (41-38), so their fate is in their own hands.

Tonight’s (April 5) game against the Clippers will be vital to seal their ticket to the playoffs.

If they don’t win all of their games, special attention should be paid to games against the Clippers (3 games to go) and Warriors (2 games to go) who are in better shape than the Lakers.

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