UNVM: Political science students debate in the National Congress

Students of the political science profession at the National University of Villa Maria (UNVM) participated in the last week of the training program “Changing roles” and discussed in the National Congress.

This is an initiative organized by the Institute for Strategic Studies and International Relations (IEER) jointly with the Constituency of Legislators of the Argentine Nation (CLNA) and the National Congress.

More than 250 students from national and international universities participated in the invitation and discussed the topic “Environmental Planning for the Territory”. This activity aims to bring Parliament closer to the academic world and to teach future generations how it works.

Victoria Gross, one of the students involved in the proposal, spoke with El Diario about her experience and the importance she places on the local institution. “It was the first time I participated in this activity, as we partnered with my classmates last year and had a lot of work before the trip,” said the student. “I want to take this opportunity to thank UNVM and especially Professors Jorge Mendez and Dante Larocca,” the student said. .

In addition, he explained: “It was a very wonderful experience, in which ten students from the university participated, and I was able to get to know Buenos Aires better.” “The topic of work this year was Territory Environmental Planning, which is a very good proposal and one that is on the current year’s agenda. We have used the tools provided by the General Environmental Law and we also had to learn a lot about the environmental problems of each county and how we can address these in a comprehensive way.

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“It’s so interesting to be able to step into this world, even as a young man. I think I have a responsibility when it comes to the environment. To work on that, we first read an original bill with some general provisions, and then we delved into more depth,” Gross said, adding: Accordingly, we have proposed comprehensive measures aimed at providing comprehensive and regional solutions, bearing in mind that the environment is something that transcends political boundaries and this goes further, as nature does not respect those boundaries.”

Discord and tension

On the other hand, he said: “To be part of the event, we were divided by university, but at the same time we were brought together by interblocks in which we had to review the negotiations before the trip. Although we had many things in common, there were some disagreements in which we had to read article by article in compliance with this law.” “This was very good because it generated certain tensions, which are typical in Congress,” he said.

The student said: “On the last day, the work was to carry out the final work, so we had a general discussion and went directly to vote on the prepared article,” and he continued: “Now you can have this law so that the students themselves, the nation’s legislators work on it and even vote for it.”

Tools for the profession

“I think it is good to spread the activity in UNVM and motivate other colleagues of my age to participate because it is a very great opportunity to be able to be in this field. In addition, as a tool of the profession, I think it is very useful because it trains you a lot in legislative technique and if one has the desire In getting there one day, I think it’s very good to have these mechanisms,” he noted.

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He also emphasized: “It is good to be part of a very collective, organized and federal work. In this case, even a university from Peru participated, which is very important for the development of environmental work in the Latin American region.

Finally, Gross highlighted the existence of the proposal. “The fact of traveling and being together seems fine to me, although the pandemic has left certain tools related to virtualisation, there are certain experiences where working face-to-face is much richer,” he concluded.

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