The villa turns a car park into a livestock exhibition space

Ingenio City Council is tendering the roofing project for the agricultural and livestock fairgrounds of La Cantonera, what will become the parking area of ​​about a thousand square meters.e It is located in the area mentioned above, between the building of the Seniors Center and the building of La Cantonera, in the town of Ingenio.

In this place cattle fairs will be held in the city of Ingenio, Twice a year, but will have other uses in addition to continuing to be used as a parking lot as it is today, although the difference is that it will be covered.

The budget for this Agricultural and Livestock Fairgrounds project for award-winning companies is €208.531, including the General Indirect Canary Tax (IGIC). This investment will come from the funds of the Municipal Corporation and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The roof will be solid, solid, not canvas, and will have different heights, the highest being 3.5 meters and the lowest two meters. In addition to the roof, the side fence will be closed, as the main purpose of this project is to provide greater protection for animals and humans from sunlight, wind and rain. The fairground will have a system for collecting animal urine. In addition to claiming that the initiative has these characteristics and characteristics, the applicant companies will be required to submit a deposit and certain documents and that the period for implementing the work will be six months.

The initiative for this photovoltaic roof is from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, which is responsible for Mayor Catalina Sánchez. Its goal, in addition to obtaining clean energy, is the realization of a multi-purpose covered area, where both livestock fairs can be held on the occasion of the San Pedro and Candelaria festivities, as well as the development of activities by different groups and a service for the storage and protection of floats, for example.

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Chancellor Catalina Sanchez stressed that this work “will be important for farmers because it will improve the welfare of the animals and the display area will be adapted for the animals.” “This will be the first such facility in the municipality and it will be in the city of Ingenio, between the La Cantonera building and the Seniors Center. However, there will be another place in Carrizal,” said Mayor Sanchez, adding that “there will be another agreed public space.” him from the council.” “We will seek the necessary funds to have this installation and decent space, just as Ingenio will,” he confirmed.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that from recent years until today, livestock fairs have been held in the region of La Cantonera, on some plots of land, loaned by the population to the city council and located below the building or the surroundings. In most cases, cows and other animals are exposed to the sun all the time, sometimes to high temperatures.

Likewise, comments and complaints were added on various occasions regarding the fact that the grounds chosen for the exhibition were not wide enough for animals and for the passage of visitors, as well as the inconvenience caused by feces, urine and muck. who was produced

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