Unusual!: American university offers classes to study Bad Bunny

San Diego, USA.

¬°Poor rabbit It’s a global event! Singer Didi asked me He continues to achieve feats from his great adventures that make him a great reference to global pop culture, and in this case, although he doesn’t have much to do with it, he’s created an educational opportunity. University of San Diego He plans to study its social impact and teach his students through it.

This is not the first time that such an event has happened before, and the same institution has conducted classes on the Texan singer. Selena Quintanilla.

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It is not yet known when these classes on the Puerto Rican singer will begin, but we do know that they will be in charge Nathan Shay RodriguezAssociate Director Journalism and Media Studies.

Lectures on him at one of the universities of San Diego They will deal with the social impact the Puerto Rican singer has made.

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The same educator responsible for these classes took to his Twitter account to share how important it is to make these issues known through music and how well he is doing it. BatBunny.

Speaking to a local media, the professor said that the reggaeton singer has risen and been recognized at various world levels.

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