Unthinkable if they stop Chicharito in the national team: Marquez Mediotimpo

Absent Javier Hernandez It has generated endless speculation. One of them is the players inside the try who stopped his call.

Faced with this situation, he during the conversation Rafael Marquez with Hugo SanchezMichoacan pointed out that the Kaiser should have the last word Gerardo Martino And pointed out that the possibility of the players blocking the Mexico striker was unfortunate.

“The real leader and the one who holds the reins is the technical director. If this happens (I’m blocking Hernandez), I don’t want to think that the players decide that someone should not come to the national team. For me, it’s poorly managed because how can you do without the best scorer of the national team, and Because we don’t have a goal, he can’t make the national team?

“I think it’s bad management, whether it’s the president in the national team, the technical director, from the rest of the administration, because there’s a little bit of everything, why not have all the possible tools you have? Would that be good? So Javier left, for that, it’s unthinkable,” He emphasized that.

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Is this part of the boycott against Kua?

Based on Rafa’s words, Hugo Sanchez wanted to compare the current situation with Javier Hernandez. Guahtemoc BlancoWho is not invited World Cup Germany 2006.

“In Guahtemoc, we are talking about the fact that the leader of the group, La Volpe, no longer has a good relationship, it was known and it was public, and every time they face each other, there may be less respect. Or not,” commented.

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“It’s because of a certain group of players, personally, I’m not the type of player who says I’m not going to play with someone even if I don’t get along. I contribute something to the team. , I always defend the game before playing personally. It’s bad to say that a group of players prevented Guademoque from going to the World Cup.” Marquez said.

Critical Bad Blanking

Another of the points touched upon by the current coach Barcelona ‘B’ is the current state of Mexican football, in which, in his words, it is necessary to return to the previous warm-up with the South American teams. MilliArguing that it is attributed to a topic of interest to a particular group.

“There are a lot of vested interests that end up harming instead of helping, there are economic interests over sports. There are some who want the whole cake,” he said.

“Perhaps coming against higher levels than us makes us learn and compete. I think it’s important for all the clubs in Mexico that they also give us that recognition that we get,” he concluded.

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