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in epic Jurassic Park, The dinosaurs sounded in a terrifying way, with a frightening roar. But science says The actual sound has nothing to do with what you hear in the movies.

We have a picture of a gigantic T-Rex roaring at full speed, with amazing power.

Most likely, the reality was different.

It is difficult to know what dinosaurs looked like, because the fossils that were found do not provide items for their study. But science gives a real clue about that: the current grandchildren.

Vox . portal Talk to a paleontologist Michael Habib For the unexplained podcast. “Most sound-producing structures are less resistant soft tissues or hard tissues,” says the scientist. “It’s muscle and cartilage, and these don’t tend to ossify.”

promising paths They are relatives of the dinosaurs that were still alive.

“We have to do our best,” Habib says, referring to crocodiles that share a common ancestor with dinosaurs that lived 250 million years ago.

“(The crocodiles) will be so loud that you will see ripples around them in the water. The scientist explains that they are shaking the pond.” So it must be the sounds of dinosaurs.

Are the sounds of birds and dinosaurs likely to be the same? This says science

Other animals, such as birds, are also direct descendants of those rulers in the ancient stages of the planet.

According to the paleontologist Julia Clark In an interview with the BBC, it is entirely possible that the vocal structures of birds contained many of the elements of a dinosaur.

Birds have one vocal organ, the syrinx, right next to the heart; While most vertebrates make sounds by their larynx, which is a vocal organ located in the throat.

I found Clark A syrinx from 67 million years ago, it was an ancient relative of ducks, but not a gigantic dinosaur. So this element has also remained over time.

Michael Habib talks about the sound of the trumpet, like a trumpet, and the noise some dinosaurs can make. “The bigger the dinosaur, the weirder it will look,” he speculates.

Get two topas. And ask them to play different notes, one on top of the other, and as loudly as possible,” thinks the paleontologist. “Or it looks like a cross between birds and crocodiles.”

To get an idea, a TikTok user made several comparisons between dinosaurs in movies and potential noises in real life. The result was horrific.

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