United States .. New military reinforcements around the Congress building

After I saw it Washington DCIn the past hours, a tumultuous night has been halted by riots, cracks in the Capitol building and storms by protesters and supporters of the outgoing president. Donald TrumpAl-Arabiya / Al-Hadat correspondent reported that new military reinforcements had been poured near the Congress building.

A Pentagon official has confirmed that the National Guard will continue to mobilize until the inauguration President Joe Biden On January 20th.

The official explained that, according to the Associated Press, the Department of Defense had formally requested that, anonymously, about 6,200 National Guard personnel from six northeastern states be sent in support of the Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies in Washington. Bloody riot It happened in the Capitol yesterday.

He also pointed out that Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller had signed orders for the enforcement of the National Guard for up to 30 days from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.


Further, the Defense Ministry official said that the purpose of the procedure was to protect the Capitol building and the surrounding areas during Biden’s inauguration, which was approved by Congress today with 306 votes from the Electoral College in the presidential election.

However, the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, clarified that the guards would not be armed but would have riot control equipment and protective clothing.

The enraged protesters, some of them armed, attacked the Capitol, forcing members of Congress to stop the ongoing vote to endorse Biden’s election, and then went into hiding.

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The riot killed four people, including a woman who was shot dead by police.

However, after several hours of clashes and chaos, silence returned to the corridors of Congress, which then voted to believe that Biden had won.

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