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The title of a Bloomberg clip on the Xbox Game ConsoleXbox: Oral History and the Empire of American Video Games“It simply came to our notice then Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFTDeciding to enter games – Some purchases fail.

What happened: Before the release of the Xbox console, Microsoft Contact several gaming companies regarding the acquisition so they have the uniqueness to deal with it Sony Corporation (Password: SNE).

Microsoft came Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: She), Which was later considered one of the leading gaming companies. The report said it had met with Microsoft Electronic Arts more than five times, but was left empty-handed in a deal.

After failing to get electronic art, Microsoft made a comeback Nintendo and (Pink: NTDOY).

“They sent their asses out,” said Kevin Paches, Microsoft’s third-party communications manager. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. So the meeting went on. ”

According to the report, Microsoft reunited with Nintendo in January 2020, bringing the company into a joint venture. The idea is that it doesn’t do well in Nintendo hardware, but it was strong in gaming with Mario and other brands. Microsoft said it would take care of the hardware. Nintendo also rejected the joint venture.

Microsoft has now sought to acquire Square Enix, the maker of “Final Fantasy” license games, and Midway, known for its “Mortal Combat” games.

Prior to the introduction of the Xbox, Microsoft was acquired by Poonky, the manufacturer of the popular “Hollow” series. Microsoft bought the park and was able to enjoy the success of exclusive “Hollow” games for many years.

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Why this is important: Exclusive games for video game consoles can make a big difference. The success of the PlayStation 5 may be partly due to this Except Sp “Spider-Man: Miles Morals” و “MLP The Show”.

Microsoft Purchased By 2020, Genimax Media will be controlling owners such as “Insulted,” “Drop,” “Doom,” and “Elder Scrolls.” The company may launch exclusive titles to complete the “Hollow” games and compete better with Sony.

Microsoft may have failed to get one of the companies mentioned 20 years ago, but it was a success for Xbox, and Microsoft now has a multi-billion dollar game segment annually.

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