United States: Main cause of bankruptcy of traditional rppusa restaurant chain

A popular restaurant chain in the United States has declared bankruptcy and is closing locations across the country.

Seafood chain Red Lobster Confirmed acceptance Chapter 11 Bankruptcy ActAlmost 90 of its locations were temporarily closed as a result America Almost 50 of them are permanent closures.

Why did Red Lobster file for bankruptcy?

TAGeX Brands CEO Neil Sherman announced on LinkedIn the liquidation sale of fixtures, furniture and appliances from several Red Lobster locations. The company seeks to use the bankruptcy process”Operational improvementsEase of doing business by reducing locations and Proceed with the sale of all its assets”.

Red Lobster, which has a 56-year history, has faced financial problems over the years. In an effort to increase traffic to their restaurants, The company expanded its “all-you-can-eat shrimp” offering Last year. However, this strategy was not successful as high demand overwhelmed the chain's ability to maintain profitability, resulting in significant losses.

Who owns the red lobster in America?

From 2020 onwards, Thai Union CommitteeBased in Thailand, Red Lobster remains the largest shareholder. holds 49% stake in the company. Earlier, in 2014, Tartan Restaurants sold Red Lobster to private equity firm Golden Capital for about $2.1 million.

Rumors of possible bankruptcy surfaced in the spring Jonathan Dibus was appointed as the new CEO. A managing partner at Alvarez & Marcel, Dibus is known for his experience in restructuring corporate entities. As of last month, Red Lobster was said to be looking for a buyer in hopes of avoiding bankruptcy.

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