The Nicolás Maduro regime shut down a small restaurant after the owners posed for photos with María Corina Machado.

The Maduro regime closed shop to get Maria Corina Machado

Efforts of Govt Nicolás Maduro It continues to be the order of the day for sabotaging opposition parties ahead of the July 28 presidential election. This Wednesday, the authorities started their repressive machinery again and punished some women for having the opposition leader. Maria Corina Machadoat your location.

Authorities shut down a small restaurant that had sold breakfast to the opposition leader

Earlier, on his way to Abure, he was greeted by large crowds in the streets, a Chavista protest halted at one point. Small roadside restaurant Buy breakfast. There, he met two follower employees who didn't hesitate to show him their excitement about the surprise arrival and documented the moment with video.

In the footage, Machado is heard reminiscing about past delicious meals at the business, while women give her hugs and strength to carry on. The politician also went to the kitchen and took a photo with them.

Total repression: The Maduro regime shut down a small restaurant for selling breakfast to María Corina Machado.

However, the joy was short-lived. A few minutes later, when Machado had already left the premises, Coroso Panto, Via San Fernando, the authorities National Integrated Customs and Excise Administration Service (SENIAT) To close the site Documents are not in order.

“They are closing our business here because Maria Corina Machado came to see us, she stopped us and bought 14 breakfasts, thank God, Cheniet came here”one of the women says as three people from the company review the documents. “For the first time in our lives the Seniot falls upon us. This is the only restaurant they close, nothing more. There are three restaurants, there are bakeries, there are liquor stores, there are liquor stores, there are no papers, and here they are closing the restaurant,” he adds, adding that this is just revenge for getting an opponent.

The closure of campuses and institutions visited by the opposition leader is a new repressive tactic by the Nicolás Maduro regime (EFE).

Likewise, another employee explains that the lack of certain requirements demanded by the authorities is due to the low sales of the business. “Sometimes an empanada doesn't sell,” he says, pointing to nearby establishments that are bigger and don't get visits from the authorities.

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Attacking Machado's opponents who receive her when she travels to the country, who facilitates her trips or those associated with her is a new way of trying to limit her influence without attacking your candidacy directly. competitor, Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia.

In early May, the dictatorship closed two hotels where Machado was staying, and later, a third, ahead of his arrival.

Already on May 4, the dictatorship Two hotels were closed The place where the politician stayed with his entourage. One of them is Urumaco Hotel, in Koro, the capital of Falcon State, under sanctions and a temporary suspension of its operations. There was a second According toIn Maracaibo, even after arrival.

A few days later, on the 16th of the same month, the regime reflected these actions Hotel El RecreoIn the city of La Victoria, despite this time Before passing Machado and Urrutia through Aragua. “Those documents will be enough to close the homes of all the Victorians who are going to have the next president of the republic. Let's win.”Activist Carlos Daniel Zapata responded in a social media message, showing that they will not be intimidated.

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