United: Passenger complaints about small carry-on luggage space

With the new boarding process

t| Miami | October 30, 2023
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The American airline United recently decided to implement a new boarding process called WILMA that allows it to save two minutes. However, passengers are complaining because the last passengers to board the plane now have less room for hand luggage.

Many passengers have posted their complaints about the lounge, so space for your bags is already scarce.

Passenger Ross Smith said on the social network that window seat passengers have the opportunity to reach the overhead compartments first, so airline employees are asked to be strict with the specifications allowed for the two items, although this generates discussions that delay boarding the plane, according to Pulse. travel.

As mentioned reportor.coUnited changed the boarding process to save time in the fall season, a measure it has implemented since October 26. The airline decided to add a seventh boarding group and distribute passengers in the economy class into four different groups depending on whether they are reserved in the seat next to the window, in the middle, or in the aisle. (United revolutionized boarding with window or aisle groups.)

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