Unidentified Cubans rescued by heavy rains in Havana

Body Firefighters Unidentified people were rescued in Havana flood Then suddenly heavy rain It was reported this Tuesday in the Cuban capital.

Firefighters from 1, 4 and 15 commandos were sent to areas of the municipalities of Centro Habana and Tez de Octobre, according to information shared on Facebook by the Cuban Firefighters profile.

Facebook / Capture of Cuban Firefighters

“Belascoine and Monte. M100 of Command 1 is working to rescue the occupants of the vehicle affected by the flood,” the firefighters said first. publication In the social network, the group announces the work undertaken.

Others Mail At the time of publication, Command 1, Command 4, and Command 15 “were engaged in the rescue and evacuation of unidentified people as a result of the October 10 rains in central Havana,” he pointed out.

Facebook / Capture of Cuban Firefighters

Users of the networks shared pictures of the unexpected flooding in the Cuatro Caminos area in central Havana due to the heavy rains recorded today.

He pointed out that low-lying areas with lack of drainage are prone to severe flooding Facebook Pro-government journalist Cristian Rojas Rosales (identified on networks as Chris Rojas), shared impressive images of rising water in the neighborhoods of central Havana.

Facebook screenshot/Chris Rojas

Also, the user Facebook Frank Enrique posted photos of the flooded vehicles on his profile.

Facebook capture/Frank Enrique

Another internet user has been identified as Omero Rodríguez Pictures Here’s how the Cuban capital was under heavy and heavy rain at 5:39 p.m.

Capture from Facebook/Omero Rodríguez

This Tuesday, The Cuban Meteorological Institute (INSMET) issued a warning in one line Storms Moving to the western part of the country.

“In the next few hours, a series of storms associated with the trough located in the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico will move eastward and move slowly near the western part of Cuba from this afternoon, night and early morning hours”, indicated the report issued at 2:30 pm from the INSMET forecasting center. Facebook.

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The forecast explained, “This system will combine with strong daytime heat and high humidity, worsening weather conditions and creating strong instability, increasing areas of rain, showers and thunderstorms in the west. They will be strong and intense in some places.

On the same day, residents of Varadero saw three unusual formations bodies of water Near the beach.

Around 7:10 a.m., three swirling tornadoes were spotted north of the Cuban coast, according to weather forecasters. Henry Delgado Mansor Inside Facebook.

The Pictures Submitted by a web user to an expert Yasiel Hernandez RiveroWith his camera he captured the waters revealing three eddies touching the sea.

‘By their training they appear’Fair weather waters‘. They are usually called when they form in good atmospheric conditions, at the base of growing cumulus clouds, and they usually form early in the morning,” explained Delgado.

The meteorologist added that near Cuban beaches, especially between May and October, the formation of water levels is more common, although they can occur at any time of the year. however, The formation of three joints is usually not common.

In the comments to the post, Delgado caused a July 2016 landslide at Playa Queimito in Mayabeque, injuring more than 30 people and collapsing several houses.

Last Saturday, residents of the town of El Gabriel, in the municipality of Queira de Melina, Artemisa, A tornado formed from a severe local storm Northeast of the city.

According to Report From the meteorologist Reidel RoussancesOfficial journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso noted that there was no human damage or damage to any infrastructure as a result of the natural phenomenon.

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Dozens of Cubans captured the event on their cameras and witnessed the event unfold in the countryside. A severe localized storm that formed into a weak cyclone produced severe electrical discharges and rain in the area.

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