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The 4GB space of the RAM memory of the Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of its main specifications. But what exactly is the role of RAM and why is it so important?

RAM plays a critical role in the dynamic and effective operation of any device that has an operating system, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is where temporary files – those generated during the use of applications and software – are stored, allowing all processes to function more efficiently.

We can use as an illustrative example an empty table where different types of tasks will be carried out. The empty table is RAM. For large jobs, you need more free space, but for smaller jobs, a small footprint may be sufficient. On a larger table, it’s easier to organize different types of tasks, but on a smaller table, the risk of something going wrong is higher – especially when working with multiple things at the same time.

In this sense, a larger RAM memory ensures that all the applications that you need to run at the moment, such as messages, emails and videos from transmission, can run smoothly and continuously.

However, as in any device, other components are important for ensuring the ideal performance of the smartphone. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy A32 is equipped with 128GB internal storage, MediaTek Helios G80 octa-core processor up to 2GHz and Android 11.

This set of specifications added to the size of the available RAM memory, guarantee an uninterrupted use experience that allows the user to enjoy the smartphone in various ways – whether for use at work, access to social networks or even for the platforms of transmission Of video.

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