Mark Zuckerberg An interesting video celebrating America’s independence

Zuckerberg shared the original video

Strange billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, surprised social media with an interesting video in which he celebrated 245 years of independent video from his home country, the United States.

In a post uploaded to his Instagram account, Zuckerberg You can see him riding on an electric surfboard and waving an American flag in the breeze while playing in the background of the popular song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” written by the hit singer-songwriter John Denver in 1971.

Mark Zuckerberg

Although the video was uploaded with the live message “Congratulations on July 4th”, it ended up being ridiculed, praised and critiqued on all other social networks. Some, too, were very outraged by the particular celebration.

“I wish they could resurrect John Denver so he could sue Mark Zuckerberg.” A Twitter user named FacebookTheRealHoarse posted a video shared by the Facebook owner on that network.

One of the memes shared with Zuckerberg's founding fathers.
One of the memes shared with Zuckerberg’s founding fathers.

There are no incredible sharks in that video ”, Another user responded to his post.

The jokes were instantaneous, the memes were minimal, so in a matter of minutes Zuckerberg’s photos and videos were browsing to the tune of different songs, or next to the founding fathers of America, the networks, especially Twitter, were flooded.

In one video, the millionaire seems to want to carry out a covert operation, almost as if his patriotic video was taken from a James Bond movie, in which he clearly plays the role of the villain.

The leader of Facebook is subject to ridicule and memes.
The leader of Facebook is subject to ridicule and memes.

All of this hostility against Zuckerberg has been fiercely won by the social media mogul, whose name has been associated with the misuse of data and privacy of millions of Facebook and Instagram users, especially in recent presidential campaigns. The world.

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These powerful social networks, which collect hundreds of thousands of data from their users at all times, are placed at the service of large corporations and powerful politicians to facilitate the generosity of their messages, to change public opinion in their favor, and to promote a particular way of buying a particular product or vote.

For such scandals The rise of virtual communities of conspiracies such as the Cambridge Analytical or “Q-Anon” or “Pizza Gate” during the 2016 presidential election campaign in the United States, Zuckerberg had to go to his country’s congress, the role they played.

His answers were never satisfactory, but people even use his networks to criticize him.

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