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He gave his family name to a legend developed by Renato Cesarini in the 30s of the last century.. Italian-Argentine player (Senegalia, Ancona, Italy, April 11, 1906 – Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 24, 1969), who introduced Di Stefano, who specializes in horn scoring, to the River Plate. The myth was born out of a goal he scored in December 1931 to give Italy a victory. In terrorism Central Europe beat Hungary in International Cup (3-2), A friendly match between national teams that ran several editions before the birth of the Eurocup, between 1927 and 1960. Days after that goal in the 90th minute One journalist used the term “Cesarini zone” to describe Inter’s victory over Roma.. This comment has been captured and posted to date.

La Liga Santander

* Data updated on September 20, 2021

Now Madrid values ​​it Cesarini area. Six of Madrid’s 16 goals this season have been surpassed in the last six minutes of the match. They represent four points in the league and two points in the Champions League. The whites reached out Leadership In Mestalla, They found the match with two last goals in 2 minutes 35 seconds. Vinicius tied at 86 ‘(85:22) and Benzema scored the winning goal at 88 (87:57). Almost the same game time as the clock (87:51) When Rodrigo reached the winning goal against Inter.

Vinicius scored two more late goals. He made it 3-3 at 85 against Levante. (84:24 marked the game clock) and In Mendisoroza he started the victory of Ancelotti’s men (1-4) Is already in addition (91 ‘). Another goal of the series was the victory (5-2) against Belcima Zelda in reopening Bernabeu. Kareem changed it to 87.

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In the second phase of Ancelotti This is the second party Madrid. The Whites scored just two goals before the break. Bale (5 ‘) to Lavande and Benzema (24’) to Zelda. The other 14 came in the second half. Early Rises Benzema: Alves 2 minutes 11 seconds after going through the Zelda and changing rooms and restarting the game after 40 seconds of restart.

Madrid, the highest-scoring team in La Liga Santander with 15 goals, scored twice (13) in the second half more than the next: Valencia with six. In domestic competition, Ancelotti’s men have scored five goals in the last quarter hour. During that game, Real, Atletico and Rayo Vallecano each had six. Seven teams (Athletes, Villerial, Zelda, Alvas, Granada, Else and Getoff) have yet to score in the final 15 minutes.

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