Tampa Bay Race finalizes deal to acquire Nelson Cruise

The Minnesota Twins’ powerful designated hitter Tampa Bay Rays has been confirmed by the team through its social networks, which includes a total of four players in one shift

East American League He is very interesting by adding one of his team to one of the most talented experienced hitters of the last decade. According to information coming from Jeff Bason, Journalist ESPN.

Tampa Bay Rays, Who will need the injection of the crime to continue the competition and will finalize the details to be obtained, according to the reports Nelson Cruz First Minnesota Twins. At this time, the Rays They are the 12th attack American League At batting average (.231), with eight on-base percentage (OBP) .315, ninth slugging (SLG) and OPS with .397 and .712 respectively.

On your side, Cruise Is one of the most productive hitters in M.L.P. In his later years. The appointed Dominican has scored a total of 279 home runs since 2014, 31 more than any other player during that period. Despite being 41 years old, “Boomstick” does not seem to be retreating in any way, hitting 299 in 2021 with .907 OPS.

The information was then confirmed Minnesota Twins, Pointed out through their social networks that the club had bought pitchers Joe Ryan Y Drew Strotman, Both small league opportunities, rays, in addition to hosting Cruise, They get the jug Calvin Foucher.

Failing to live up to their expectations of competing for their division and one of their worst years in recent memory Twins They had previously decided that they were going to become salespeople Change the deadline, Which explains the movement. On his side, The Rays They play one-and-a-half behind the Red Sox for the Eastern lead American LeagueAdding, though not attacking Cruise In his alignment he must create an immediate effect for the full benefit.

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