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SANTO DOMINGO.- The United Nations Security Council has confirmed the start of humanitarian aid from the Dominican Republic to Haiti through an “air bridge”, which was announced by the organization last week.

This information was confirmed by Farhan Huq, Deputy Spokesperson of Secretary General Antonio Guterres during a press conference.

“Yes. Our colleagues on the ground informed us that the connection of regular air transport between the Dominican Republic and Haiti (for humanitarian aid), the air bridge has started,” said the spokesperson when asked about some photos shared by the United Nations Integrated Office Haiti on social networks.

Hough explained that it was a round-trip flight and that the organization “hopes there will be more regular helicopter travel” between the two countries so they can “have better access to Port-au-Prince.”

“We are continuing it and we hope that all authorities and all parties will cooperate with our efforts,” he added.

“The United Nations continues to operate flights between the Dominican Republic and Haiti and continue to deliver humanitarian supplies,” accompanied a photo showing people loading boxes onto a plane from the organization's humanitarian air service.

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