The full session of the SCJ has a new layout of its rooms

Santo Domingo, R.D.

The full (SCJ) judges of the Supreme Court appointed Vanessa Acosta Peralta and Nancy Salceto as members of the first and third chambers, respectively, and Magistrate Moises Ferrer as the second chamber judge.

This decision will be effective after the appointment of Judge Plas Fernandez, who was elected as the SCJ’s representative before the Judicial Council (CPJ).

Judge Plas Fernandes, from the first chamber of the Supreme Court, was elected his full representative before the CBJ, which led to the reorganization of its chambers.

In this sense, the first chamber, or civil and commercial chamber, was made up of its chairman, Magistrate Pilar Jimenez Artis; Judges Samuel Arias Arseno, Justiniano Montero Montero, Napoleon Estevez Lavandier and Judge Vanessa Acosta Peralta. The second chamber, or criminal chamber, was coordinated by its Presidential Magistrate, Francisco Antonio Gஸ்rez Mena; Magistrate Maria Carrabido Ramares; And Judges Francisco Ortega Polanco, Fran Euclides Soto and Moises Ferrer Landron. The Third Room or Chamber of Lands, Labor, Tax Case and Administrative Case will be created by its Presidential Magistrate Manuel Reid Artis; Judges Manuel Ramon Herrera Corbusia, Rafael Vasquez Coico, Anselmo Bello Ferrero and Judge Nancy Salceto Fernandez.

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