U.S. Republicans fear they will shut their mouths. Big risk

U.S. Republicans fear censorship. Republican activists in the United States are developing strategies to combat Big Tech’s anti-conservative prejudice. Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft make up Big Tech. It all started with the use of conservative parlor socialization. It sued Amazon after it was banned from the sites of online companies. GOP activists see this as a call for arms.

The lawsuit, filed in Seattle District Court, was a breach of trust and claimed damages for the parlor. He says everything is based on a political decision. Therefore, Republican activists dissatisfied with the ban turned to Republican legislators. For them to create legislation to avoid censorship.

Non-US Republicans expect legislation to stop censorship

They believe that technology companies will no longer audit if the rules are followed in Congress, which includes a law. In this case, the reference is made to Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Conservative voices in the United States feel deported and excluded from setting up social platforms. The massive scandal erupted after former President Donald Trump was censored on Twitter and Facebook.

At the legislative level, there is a set of rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during the Obama administration. It treats Internet service providers and cable companies as public utilities. Therefore, rules have emerged that prevent certain types of content from being prioritized.

Law repealed by the Trump administration

Net neutrality means that a company like AT&T will block the use of its content, such as HBO, which could harm rival Netflix. foxbusiness.com.

Under the administration of Donald Trump, the rules were repealed. FCC President Ajit Boy. One conservative who argued that these measures were the government’s anti-competitive insertion into private business relationships between competing companies.

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Now, Republicans fear that the return of a democratic administration led by President Joe Biden could mean a return to the old rules. They believe conservative voices will be controlled through online censorship.

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