U.S. Corona virus: New cases may be settled – but more and more are being hospitalized and dying

The United States on Tuesday reported 195,000 new cases of Covit-19, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which averages more than 215,000 with a 7-day average of 7 new cases per day. This is slightly different from the number of new victims on December 10, when the 7-day average of daily new cases reached 212,000, suggesting that new cases may be flattened to a higher daily average.

Hospitalization and death from Covid-19 is usually a week or two after new cases, and the number of Americans hospitalized and dying from the virus continues to rise.

On Tuesday, the United States said 117,777 people had been hospitalized with Covid-19, the highest since the outbreak, according to the Covit monitoring program. Also, 3,400 people were reported dead from the virus on Tuesday, the second highest number of covit-19 deaths in a single day.

Nationwide data partially obscures how different states deal with the virus. States such as California, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Rhode Island are seeing huge upsurge in new events, while the majority of cases in the Midwest have dropped from its recent peaks.

Whether the number of new daily cases starts to drop nationally from here on out, as always, depends on the behavior of the people – and how the US power structures affect that behavior. Public health officials, such as Dr. Anthony Fassi, have warned people against holding large, indoor, uncluttered gatherings this Christmas and New Year.

“I want people to be very careful and I want them to limit their travels as much as possible. If you do, try to do it with a small number of people,” said Dr. Anthony Fossie, director of the National Institute of Allergies and CNN on Tuesday.

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“If we can do it now and achieve this season, enjoy it as much as you can, but it’s not going to be a normal Christmas season. As we get past it, the light tunnel vaccine will finally come.”

Concern surrounding the UK variant

A The variant of the corona virus novel is widespread It has caused an updated alarm in the United Kingdom, and many countries have closed their borders to the UK in the last few days.

Scientists advising the UK government estimate that this variant is up to 70% more contagious than other species.

What does this new corona virus strain mean to you?

Peter Harpie, chairman of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group (NERVTAG), said on Monday that experts “are now more confident that this variant has a transmission benefit than other types”.

The UK variant does not seem to cause the most serious disease, and it seems that the Pfizer-Bioendech and Modern vaccines may still be effective.

NERVTAG member scientist Neil Ferguson said Monday There is a “reference” called corona virus strain Those identified in the UK may be “more prone to affect children” compared to previous strains. Acute illness due to Govit-19 is still very rare in children.

Has this strain come to the US yet? Researchers who read this think it may have arrived in the United States in mid-November and may have already affected many in the United States.

“If I happened to guess, I would say it could be in the hundreds of populations right now,” said Michael Worobi, head of the Department of Environment and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. “It’s very likely that it has come many times in many places.”

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Scientists have scanned the genetic makeup of the corona virus in the United States to see if it fits in with the UK variant. So far, they have not found anything, but they say it is possible because the US surveillance system does not like them.

“It could be in the United States and we would not have discovered it yet,” Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral Brett Giorgio said Monday.

Dr. Fossie says the Biden administration will be different

Dr. Fassi predicts that incoming Biden administration will not send “mixed signals” when it comes to communicating about a corona virus infection.

Fassi told the Five Dirty Podcast, which aired Tuesday, that “there may be consistency of message instead of mixed signals.” “I think there will be more central guidance than leaving states entirely on their own and allowing them to do it the way they want to do it.”

Foucault, Fiden’s chief medical adviser to the president-elect, said he believed the biggest obstacle to Fiden was a “split” in American society.

“It is unfortunate that we have been plowed by a historical epidemic, as we have not seen in 102 years, and this has been done in an environment of great division in society,” Fucci said. “I do not think it’s necessary to change right now with a change of management.”

Fossie was asked based on how President Donald Trump handled the epidemic and how the president could have saved more lives.

“Obviously, there have been some bumps on the road,” Fucci said. “But, in general, especially when you look at the science and vaccine successes, it’s huge. I mean, it’s something very unprecedented.”

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He also said that when fighting an epidemic, a nation can always improve their response.

“Obviously, you always look back at your public health response and ask, ‘Could you have done better?’ A: Of course. ‘I think any country looking back at their response would say they could have done better. “

CNN’s Shelby Lynn Erdman and Elizabeth Cohen contributed to the report.

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