Cisco CCNA Certification: Its Importance and Benefits

Cisco accreditation is a new factor used by most IT firms globally and locally in filtering aspiring professionals. Research says that those candidates having Cisco certifications under their belt tend to be more progressive at work. And by such, the CCNA badge emerged as one of the most coveted credentials that both employees and employers aim for.

Although there are a lot of reasons why this one is a catch, we have narrowed them down for your convenience. Here are four remarkable advantages of being a CCNA certified individual.

  • You increase your professional value

IT organizations want the best of the best in the market to be part of their team. As much as possible, they prefer someone who handles the responsibilities efficiently and doesn’t falter when pressured. So, if you have Cisco CCNA, the company will see you as someone valuable ― an asset to be exact. Not just that, your colleagues and the people around you will have immense respect towards you as well. And we believe that’s the perfect formula for a healthy professional life, right?

  • Add beauty to your portfolio

With the CCNA certification attached to your CV, you automatically gain extra points in the evaluation. This is indeed a great advantage to your application. Just think of this possible scenario ― when HR does its research, and it happens that you and the other candidate tie in terms of interview scores, who will ultimately get the last laugh? Well, your CCNA credential will surely help you win in such a competition and will ensure you’ll bring home the bacon.

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  • You become in demand in your field

Most likely than not, you might get scouted by other companies! Yes, companies! It is of course possible that a lot of IT firms will hear about you and your badges. Oftentimes, they will fight neck to neck just to get you into their team. Isn’t it astonishing that obtaining the CCNA accreditation by passing only one exam (200-301 by code) will lead you to the golden path in life?

  • You can go global

Yes, you’ve read it right. You have the chance to get accepted and work in different countries when you acquire your ExamSnap Cisco CCNA! Renowned IT businesses around the globe will see you as someone skilled enough in operating even the most complicated networking systems. Working in a different country and still valued and respected sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

How to Get Accredited with Cisco Certified Network Associate?

As was mentioned above, the only thing you must do to gain this certification is to pass the CCNA 200-301 exam. But before that, you also need to prepare for this test through the materials offered by Cisco and third parties. These include courses, study guides, practice tests, and any other resources that are helpful for you. The exam lasts not more than two hours and can be done in two languages; English and Japanese, whichever is close to your liking.


Acquiring the CCNA certification has lots of great benefits. But it doesn’t end there! It can also serve as a stepping stone to higher-level Cisco networking programs and provide even better career prospects, whether you believe it or not. We know you are already tempted to give this a try. So, go and secure one now!

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