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Two epidemics, one of dengue and the other of respiratory diseases, are currently sweeping the country simultaneously, affecting the normal development of health services.

This is due to the pressure created by the increased demand for medical care from flu patients not only in their emergency and consultation areas but also from those requiring hospitalization.

Yesterday morning, the country’s health facilities admitted 692 patients with dengue syndrome, suspected to be dengue, and there are 353 dengue beds, which is equivalent to 34% of those who can respond to the epidemic.

Eladio Perez, Joint Undersecretary of Health at the Ministry of Public Health confirmed yesterday that there were two simultaneous epidemics in the country, adding that there is no doubt that the country is currently experiencing a dengue epidemic. respiratory infection

An increase in the number of patients, mostly children, in health facilities as a result of the dengue epidemic has been reported in the country over the past three months, while in recent weeks, the number of flu patients has increased. Different respiratory viruses have fever as their initial symptoms.

The Ministry of Public Health reports that for every dengue patient currently treated at a health facility, two patients with respiratory symptoms caused by one of the different types of virus currently circulating are being treated.

Two respiratory infections per dengue

Perez said there is no doubt that the country is currently experiencing a dengue epidemic and another respiratory disease epidemic.

Respiratory viruses such as influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), covid and adenovirus are currently circulating in the country, all of which together create a significant increase in flu cases, and every case of dengue. , there are two respiratory viruses.

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“They are all within the expected range and if we look at the viruses independently, there is no alarm but there is an epidemic increase when it is listed as SARI (severe acute respiratory infection) in the macro,” he said. This significant increase began earlier than expected.

Flu vaccine

To date, public health has provided 175,125 doses of vaccine against seasonal influenza A(H1N1), A(H3N2) and influenza type B, out of a total of 470,000 doses received this year.

Director of Immunopreventables through Vaccines, Dr. Lucia Vargas (TV), pointed out that the vaccine targets the entire population, especially those over 65 years old, children between six and 35 months, pregnant women and those suffering from chronic diseases.

He also said that as part of the recently issued alert against measles, constant surveillance and intensive search for all outbreak cases is being maintained in view of the presence of the disease in some countries.

So far, he assured, there is no measles or rubella virus in the Dominican Republic.

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