Two more cases were filed against Christ Acornt for fraud

San Juan’s Criminal Investigations Force (CIC) Property and Fraud Unit is investigating two new complaints filed yesterday against George Christian Bautista Agront, an “influencer and YouTuber” known as Chris Agront, for failure to comply. With contractual agreements to maximize your return on investment.

According to the complainant in January 2022, he hired her for a VIP crypto course for which she paid $55,800.00 with her credit card and never received it. Despite attempts to contact him on several occasions through calls, messages and emails, he could not.

A Villalba resident also denied being hired for the same mentoring course and paid a total of $64,000.00 through various transactions with his credit card.

This customer is waiting for the course and never found it or got his money back.

These citizens, like the other five complainants, Franklin D. Jet Traders went to the company’s offices on Roosevelt Avenue to present their demands, but they were closed.

On February 21, Bautista Acrond pleaded guilty to four less serious charges in a San Juan court, announcing a deal with the prosecution in connection with a pending trial for failing to submit tax returns to the Treasury Department.

The company accused him of owing him $7.6 million and failing to report more than $11 million in revenue.

Batista Acrond, 33, of Dorado, was in charge of JetTrades, an online tutoring company, with promotions in the United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Spain. .

As part of negotiations that included a debt settlement agreement, charges against his financial consulting firm JetTrades LLC were dropped and four felony charges of tax evasion against him were reclassified to four felony counts of omitting information when filing returns. .

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At the same hearing, the judge fined him a maximum of $5,000 for each count, plus a court-imposed $100 special fine, for a total of $20,400.00 for each count.

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