Two Haitians disguised as Dominicans are sent to prison

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Hato Meyer and judges from the National District imposed detention as a measure of coercion against two Haitians who changed the identities of two people who died in order to obtain Dominican nationality in separate cases.

Judge Elizabeth Valencia Alcale of the Judicial Office of Permanent Focus Services in the province of Haddo Meyer sentenced Cabino and / or Fernelis Batista to three months’ detention for impersonating the personal data of the Cabino de los Saints.

Using the identity of the Dominican de las Santos who died at a young age, the accused was able to obtain birth certificates for five daughters, residents of Hato Meyer, who, as a result, acquired Dominican nationality. Fraud.

The judiciary is responsible for the violation of Articles 147 and 148 of the Dominican Penal Code and Section 13 of Law 8-92 on the identity and election card and civil register.

In the National District, Judge Kenya Romero, from the Judicial Office of Permanent Focus Services, issued a one-month remand in custody against Mari Jassi, a Haitian national accused of impersonating Dominican Jose Augusto Guterres Cusada.

The injunction, which seeks enforcement action, explains that on April 6 of this year, Jassie presented himself to the Civil Circuit Office of the Second Circular, located at Dr. Delcado Avenue, on the corner of 27 De Fabrero Avenue, in the field of Don Pasco. Announce a small birth.

Foreigner Jose Augusto Guterres used Cusada’s identity card in violation of Articles 147 and 148 of the Dominican Penal Code and Articles 13 of Article 8-92 above.

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Prior to these comments, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) had confirmed that the measures of coercion were in response to the zero tolerance measures agreed with the Ministry of Public Works.

In this sense, the JCE classified this decision as an excellent step, and further strengthens the Cooperation Agreement on Zero Tolerance for Identity and Crimes or Violations against the Civil Registry raised between the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic. And the Central Election Board last April.

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