TUDN offers Martinoli 170 thousand US dollars; This is how Salinas behaves after Deuce leaves

Ricardo Salinas’ reaction to Martinoli’s exit

Christian Martinoli and Luis García Postico on TV Azteca Deportes have a winning duo on open television, however, with the loss of the teams’ rights to broadcast, the possibility of their exit is being questioned.

More news from the Mexican team:

He knew Martino would take him to Qatar and instead of training he went to see Checo Perez.

In social networks, Christian Martinoli’s followers advised the owner of TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Blico, about moving from Deus to another network, TUDN was very interested.

When Televisa signed an alliance with Univisión to create TUDN, they sought out Cristian Martinoli and offered him $170,000 a year.

What does Salinas think of Martinoli’s departure?

The owner of Azteca Deportes TV admitted that his journalists are not tied to social networks and that they are free if they want to go to other networks. Christian Martinoli, however, admitted that he would thankfully stay on the channel until Salinas kicked him out.

More news from the Mexican team:

Chicharito is not the banned player Jimenez wants at the World Cup with El Tri

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