LCDLF2: Laura Bozo Gets Insulted by Cerboni Inside the House | Video

Controversy in less than a week Celebrity House 2 Add to that the announcements and debates between the members who are still in the race are the order of the day, and when you add that they have very strong personalities who don’t want to go unnoticed, things get better.

This is the case Salvador Cerboni and Laura BossoThe one who had a strong discussion in the kitchen a few days ago, first took responsibility for washing the dishes used by the celebrities, but Laura approached, and later, Cerponi made accurate comments about the work the Peruvian does inside the house. That’s where the Times and Diaries started.

As seen in the video broadcast by Social websitesThe TV actor was washing the dishes when he came near Laura Tell him that this is unusual, because he performed these tasks without fail, and no one praised him.

Cerboni In an angry tone, he replied that if Laura didn’t deserve to be recommended for washing dishes, he immediately ignored her and stopped talking to her.

The reaction of A Mexican nationalized lawyer He didn’t wait, he tried to get attention by being rude and shouting Cerboni Saying that it wasn’t her intention to dish things out so they wouldn’t nominate her but rather that she’s been doing it for a long time because she doesn’t like other people doing the job.

What caught the eye General view follows the reality of TelemundoLaura went to complain to Salvador for washing a cup, but in the end, neither one did it, one because he was so upset and the other went to blame him for not doing it regularly and for the bad cup. was unwashed.

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Among users of social networks, only this attitude of the two is reflected Pressure and little empathy This is already felt among the members of the house, especially after weeks of competition, with intrigues and rumors between small groups outlining what the end of the reality show will be. Laura as Serpony And especially Yvonne Montero, are marked as potential winners of this season.

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