Trump Vs. Biden: How did you handle the crisis of underprivileged children at the border? | Univision Immigration News

Numbers During the government of Donald Trump They are no better. Emergency was declared at the border, but to stop the displacement at the construction site of the walls and to modify the rules to fix them with its zero tolerance policy.

In fiscal year 2018, unsupported minor arrests touched 60,000; In 2019, they will surpass 80,000. With those numbers, Republican Unsupported Minors (UAC) They are not innocent, They took advantage of “holes in our system”.

With Biden, relocation is being encouraged by changing the immigration policies that the Trump administration has been applying for, which has turned off benefits such as asylum, the engine of the Central American evacuation from violent escape, the economic crisis and damage from environmental events.

Minorities continue to come to the country at a higher rate than the union’s own ability to process them and keep them with their families, which prompted White House spokeswoman Jen Saki to acknowledge Monday that there is a “problem.”

The result of this crisis is re-politicization. On the one hand, Republicans like Senator Bill Cassidy have promised that “when people think they can go inside, they start sending helpless children on trains crossing Mexico (…) in the hope that they will be received at the border.” But for Democrats in Congress, what is happening on the border is a legacy of the problems Trump left behind. “We are working to fix the (crisis) for the betterment of those children,” House Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a television interview.

We illustrate some of the key aspects of dealing with the crisis of underprivileged children during the four years of the Trump administration, compared to the two months that Biden has had under the leadership of the president:

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