Trump is scheduled to visit the border wall with Mexico a day before the removal of the US Congress

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the state of Texas on Tuesday, where he will visit part of the wall built along the US border with Mexico, international news agencies reported.

Reuters reports that the White House president followed the recommendations of advisers to attend events highlighting the achievements of his mandate, Acer Press reports.

This is Trump’s first public appearance since protesters entered the Washington Capitol, the seat of the United States Congress. The president’s accusation of inciting his supporters to violent protests to contest the election will begin in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

For the past two months, Trump has failed to challenge, including in court, the victory of his rival Democrat Joe Biden in the November 3 election. Last Thursday, just hours after the expulsion of protesters from the Capitol, Congress confirmed the election results by putting the people to the vote of the electorate nominated by the US states.

The White House did not provide details about the president’s program in Texas, but, according to the AFP, this indicates that 400 miles (about 640 km) of wall was built along the border, which is far less than the promised “big, magnificent” wall. Trump in the 2016 election campaign. In fact, only the 20-mile wall was built where there were no barriers before, and Mexico did not pay for the construction as promised and insisted by the Republican leader.

Reuters points out the place chosen for the visit: Alamo, the Texans were defeated by the Mexicans in 1836, but did not surrender and fought to the death.

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Wednesday’s vote in the House of Representatives will trigger the process of ousting the president, which will take place in the Senate. Trump was again targeted by a similar practice, which failed because the Republicans had a majority in the Senate, and it no longer exists.

House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has called for Amendment No. 25 in the Constitution, the inability of Trump to run for the presidency and the interim charge until Biden’s January 20 installation. However, before meeting with Pelosi at the White House Oval Office on Monday, Pence made it clear that he would not pursue such an approach.

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