Tricks to find out if someone has removed you from WhatsApp


Did this happen to you? What do you doubt About whether one of your contacts is in the Instant Messaging app Share He has removed you from his contact list, do you want to find out?

With some tricks you can already know The one who removed you Of popular use.

It’s so easy when a person removes what you like WhatsApp Contact, Some information will be hidden and will not be accessible unless you re-add it.


This is the first thing you should notice when someone removes you from WhatsApp. If that person has decided that they are only their planned friends You can see their application levels, If you do not notice them, it means that they have undoubtedly deleted your cell phone number.

Profile image

By default, WhatsApp configures all users to show their profile picture only to people you have saved on your cell phone. So if you don’t have that friend, co-worker, family member, profile picture, it means they’ve removed you from their contacts.

Last connection time

Anyone can choose whether to show this information only to their friends or for all contacts. If you choose the first one and he removes you from his agenda, it means that you can not see normally. But this will vary.


You can not add it to groups. If this person wants to block group invitations from strangers, it means they have removed you as a contact. Notice all of these symptoms and you will notice if he has obviously removed you.

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