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USA.- Since its launch in 2009 and its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, the app Hasn’t stopped updating with WhatsApp More functions to facilitate instant communication Totally free.

Tooling is also a function that many people don’t know about It allows tracking and knowing where a person is in real time. This operation can be done without the person’s knowledge and will no doubt be of great help in a dangerous situation where immediate location is urgent.

How can I track my contacts through this? Share it?

According to the media “Ensedeciencia”, it can be done as follows:

  1. Finds the person’s IP address.
    To do this, you need to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key to open the task manager. Then, press Win + R to open the Run function and type “cmd” in the available field. At the end, you have to press enter. At that point, a command prompt will appear where you can type “netstat -an” and press Enter. The code that emerges from all of these is the IP address.
  2. Access the page and enter the IP address.
    Instantly, a location will appear near the person you’re looking for.

Are there other ways to know the location of my WhatsApp contacts?

You can also monitor them with IPLogger. The process is very simple, you just need to access their website and accept the security policies. Once inside, you must do the following:

  1. Copy the link that appears on the page and send it to the person you want to find.
    Once you accept it, a map will be displayed with your exact location.
  2. Be careful, links only work once, so you’ll need to create another one each time you want to know someone’s location.
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It should be noted that the previously described procedures work only on the Windows operating system.

Keep in mind that these features are only used in true emergencies. It is very important to respect the privacy of others and not engage in behaviors that may be considered harassment.

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