Santos vs Queretaro (0-2). Goal and half time

Santos Laguna seems to have entered a crisis At the worst possible moment Final match 2023 Now it is A chance to regain victory Couldn’t beat the roosters Queretaro At TSM, it was a surprise An agonizing 2-0 win Before the ponds


Santos’ goal options were limited Always found himself with a very strong defense led by Miguel Barbieri. when Gallos waited until injury time to celebrate both goals of surprising success.

Gallows scored his first wicket on 95 runs Minutes played on a corner kick Kevin Escamilla appeared And ended up crossing, almost falling, so that the ball hit the post and goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo couldn’t reach it 1-0.

Scored a goal Saints Obviously that Tried to seriously attack So don’t lose the game. But still In that drama They lost the ball with a long pass from the defense A counterattack of defined edson ion Shot with first aim at an angle of Final 2-0.

Santos managed to score firstYou simply have to watch the play Minute 28 A rebound leaves the ball in the center of the area Harold Preciato concluded The first objective was what looked like a sung goal. however, Alcala He came out to show off his physique With the face away Shot.

It looks like it That game spurred Santos forward Because They no longer make great choices. Still Juan Brunetta tried A strong and placed shot, but Hit the post And it only moved ponds followers.

For documentationAnd Gallows had already warned He could be dangerous with a disallowed goal for Jose Zuniga, but Goal disallowed for offside. In the end, The Queretaro team did mischief Keep adding points that demonstrate pride and professionalism.

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It should be remembered that Roosters don’t fight over anything anymoreBecause he is no longer eligible to play by being ranked last in the quotient The final stage So it is removed regardless of whether there is a good closure.

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