Travis Baker and Courtney Kardashian criticize PDA protest at friend’s wedding

Courtney Kardashian And Travis Parker Received criticism after a public display of affection that occurred during Wedding From a friend, days later Kendall Jenner Attend a cut-out dress at a wedding and trigger a setback.

Over the weekend, the newly engaged couple attended the wedding of their friend Simon Hugh and the star. Continuing with the Kardashians Many have been published Photos And her and Parker from that night.

“On the way to church @simonhuck @piptherip,” Kardashian headlined. Images, In which she wears a long black dress with a long sleeve detail.

In their stories Instagram, The founder of Bush shared other moments of the wedding, and republished A video Shows her sitting on Parker’s lap during the wedding reception.

In the video released by Derek Flasberg, titled “Oh yes, happy birthday @travisbarker” you can see Kardashian sitting face to face with his fiance and dancing while the wedding guests watch them.

While playing the band ‘All the Small Things’, their affection during the public show Blink-182 From Parker, Kardashian was filmed leaning over to kiss the drummer.

Since then, videos of the contacts have been circulating Social Websites, Fans questioned whether the couple’s behavior was appropriate for the wedding.

“Why is it so embarrassing to watch this? In a crowded room at a wedding (including his mom). All for love, but keep the party behind closed doors, Courtney and Travis”, Tweeted A human.

Another person said, “Did Courtney Kardashian ride Travis Parker ‘All the Small Things’ in the middle of the wedding reception or do I look at things? Hahaha “.

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Another said, “Sorry, but ma’am, keep that slip when you get home.”

Others commented that the couple’s “embarrassing” rhetoric was worse than the recent misconduct of Kardashian’s sister Jenner: the supermodel was wearing a cropped black dress for a friend’s wedding.

“They’re talking about Kendall Jenner because he’s dressed inappropriately for a wedding, but imagine someone doing this at your wedding. Courtney and Travis, I love you, but please,” wrote another.

While many fans criticized the behavior of the wedding guest, others supported the couple, with one writing saying “I like how generally affection is shown shamelessly” and another commenting: “I like how safe it is. [y] She’s become independent with Travis, doing what she wants, not caring about what others think now. I want to be with them. Really “.

The couple, who got engaged last month after ten months of dating, are known for public scenes of affection and are often photographed while hugging.

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