Toyota is recalling more than 1.8 million RAV4 vehicles

(CNN) — Toyota announced Wednesday that it is recalling more than 1.8 million RAV4 vehicles.

Specifically, it is recalling certain vehicles from the 2013-2018 model years.

Toyota said in a statement that the problem lies in the risk of some replacement batteries catching fire. Since some batteries in SUVs are not the correct dimensions, they can separate and cause a fire if the vehicle makes a sharp turn.

“Some 12-volt replacement batteries of the specified size for the vehicles in question have smaller top dimensions than others. If a small replacement battery is used and the mounting clip is not tightened properly, the battery may move when the vehicle is driven in hard turns. Movement could cause The positive terminal of the battery comes into contact with the mounting clip and causes a short circuit.

Toyota added that it is working on a solution that would replace the battery retaining clip, battery tray, and positive terminal cover at no cost to owners. They will be notified in December.

Toyota said owners of affected vehicles can enter the vehicle information number or license plate information on the Toyota website or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to make recalls.

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