Toro’s urban murals, now also in virtual space

Toro’s urban murals, now also in virtual space

Toro City Council mode QR codes next to the murals of Via Victoriano Villachicadrawn by students and teachers of the Pardo Tavira Institute in 1983, which was restored in 2020 by the artists of the Toro Arte Urbano project, directed by Carlos Adiva.

Through QR, anyone with a mobile phone or tablet can access a series of files Audio guides explain the meaning of each of the murals painted on this Turisan street as well as the history of this project Promoted 40 years ago by Professors Victorino García Calderón and Jordi Botella de Maglia to motivate the students of the Institute.

Cristina Oliveros Calvo gives voice to the voices, which also attempts to put the user into the context of when the murals were painted and why they were inspired by the artist Joan Miro.

In addition to audio, the default directory contains files Subtitled videos edited by Carlos Rodriguez Villa.

QR codes on Villacheca Street.

from here, All people with sensory disabilities can enjoy street art On Via Victoriano Villacheca, as explained yesterday by the City Planning Advisor of the Toro City Council, Ruth Marin Alonso. The blind can learn the meaning of the murals and their description through the voice of Christina Rodriguez, and the deaf can learn the story behind these works through the subtitled videos.

Marín presented QRs on Victoriano Villachica Street itself in the company of Cristina Rodríguez, Carlos Rodríguez and Carlos Adeva, who He thanked his work for improving the appearance of the city of Toro Restoration of some symbolic murals “which were very deteriorated” and accompanying them with these resources.

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The initiative to provide audio guides for urban murals in Toro came from Cristina Rodriguez herself after studying A Master of Audiovisual Translation, which is his way of “contributing my grain of sand to Toro Arte Urbano,” he explained yesterday during the show. He began by giving voice to the characters of the Battle of Toro to accompany the mural that lies between Magdalena and Euderia Streets with their narratives.

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