Toronto FC have already shown interest in Carlos Salceto and approached DiCres

Mexico City /

Mostly, race Carlos Salceto Follow Toronto F.C. From M.L.S., That the team He was already interested in the Mexican defender And approached the Tigers.

After first exploring Titan, The Canadians They gave one The definite step And forward with purpose Add in the experienced jockeyReallyThe, who The contract expires in December 2022 And not updated with cats.

Therefore, fBridges near Mediatympo Confirmed that already exists First poll and talk For what Salsido Can go to the set Toronto.

Salsido Has been on Look From Three teams Importantly, the Toronto, தி Wolverhampton UK and Palm trees From Brazil, No chances of continuing with the Tigers.

The same evidence confirmed it The LTTE was open to talks, Even It is not rejected What part Pay L to the defenderGive someone a will for cats from MLS.

The Speech style And because there may be news soon if everything is maintained M.L.S. The Salary is very competitive They offer you a 3 year contract with room options depending on the results.

Salceto, part of Bradley’s plan at MLS

The Intention Of Bob Bradley’s team adds one A Frame For the fight M.L.S., Concacombians And attend Club World Cup.

When, Salsido Getting ready to be Title This Wednesday with the Tigers In view Santos Laguna In the battle of The first day of Clausura 2022.


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