Tony Cruz mocks Barcelona out of Spanish Super Cup after Real Madrid


Form of Spain Super Cup Has changed and many do not understand it, for example, Real Madrid, Who is neither champion nor league or trophy participant.

That’s why so many people wonder about it. Tony Cruise, On his weekly podcast Just lift it, He shares with his brother Felix, talked about Spain Super Cup.

“It is clear that the Spanish Super Cup will be held in Saudi Arabia. Where else should it be conducted? Felix said, to which Tony replied.

“There is no doubt about this.” When asked by his brother what Real Madrid did to attend the Super Cup, the Real Madrid player laughed: “Well, frankly, we have not won the league or been the cup champions. But here we are. Two years ago, when the Super Cup was played for the first time with four teams, we were not league or cup champions, we won the Super Cup. What am I going to tell you? To be honest with you, I think the organizer has a particular interest in our participation ”.

Tony Cruise revealed Real Madrid Upon arrival he suffered a stumbling block Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. “The airport bus got stuck in the sand, which is why our meeting was a little late,” the German flyer explained.

He admitted that he was adapting to the Spanish way of life. “I always tried to stick to extra time, but I agree that showing up a minute before the coach’s talks started stuck with me a little bit. Come on, I’m still in the top three, ”he admitted.

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