Play in America? Alexis Vega didn’t shut the door on his fierce rival at half-time

He is one of the leading figures SivasBut still Alexis Vega Not closing the opportunity to play at some point AmericaBecause it is his job and he goes where he is hired.

In an earlier press conference A national classicGru was surprised and never mentioned the possibility of dressing in cream-blue at some point.

“This question was put to my brother (Henry Martin). Orip. We are a company that can deliver America And where do I go to play if I have no choice? It’s like you, they’re at a TV station, they have an offer from another, and it’s just them, and obviously they’re going to take it. I think that’s part of our job. Ah, I say I will not go America An offer comes from America, they don’t want me anymore. I have to be professional in every way. Now I am very happy Sivas I will try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Vega come Sivas It contains 2019 And his excellent quality allowed him to quickly become a figure in the Guadalajara team.

“People can be upset, fans, but really we’re human and we feel a lot. I have to look after my family, my children, my parentsSo do the best”.

Gru will play again SivasAfter exiting 2 months Due to injury, He A national classic His return And it excites the fans and the player.

“No, I think I was only with the team for a week 100 percent working. For better or worse, two months of recovery is not easy, but if the trainer tells me I will start and try to do my best. If he tells me that you are going to play for 10 or 15 minutes, I will try to revolutionize the game and help my teammates. But first, The decision taken by Mr (Veljko Paunovic) I’ll keep it to the best of my ability.”

“Obviously it’s a huge illusion to play it Centaram What’s better than scoring a goal with our people, with our family and enjoying it to the fullest”.

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