Tony Costa and his daughter Alaya finally reunite: Adamari Lopez shares the moment

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Alaia, daughter Adamari Lopez Y Tony Costa, He was well known for the finale of the second season of the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos 2”. The seven-year-old girl was very excited to see her father on television that day, because it would not only define the winner, but also the moment she would see him again months later.

After Hector Chancery revealed it Tony Costa The fourth finalist of the Telemundo reality show, Atamari always encouraged her little daughter, Well, even if Dad didn’t get an award, he let him know that he was a winner too.

So after finishing the program, the long-awaited meeting of father and daughter was recorded on video, which the host of the morning “Hoi Tiya” shared on his social networks.

On her Facebook account, she shared a video in which Alaya can be seen very excited to see her father, who received her with a big hug and brought her the fourth place medal for her participation. reality show and a stuffed animal

Adamari Lopez revealed that since Alaya was born number 4, on March 4, in addition to the color blue, the medal has a special symbolism. Tony CostaIt was the same when he entered the “House of Fame”.

“Aliyah is happy because daddy is here and I’m happy because my daughter’s happiness is mine, so I’m going to show you a little video of how they met yesterday,” she said at the beginning of her clip. Facebook profile.

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Tony Costa takes the bowling of Alaia

A few hours later, Tony Costa She shared in her stories that after they got back together, after months apart, Aaliyah went to the place she loved the most.

Also, one of her daughter’s favorite activities is bowling, so after a long time, the first thing she did was to spend time with her and entertain her.

Watch the video of the reunion between Alaia and Tony Costa here

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