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Every step is the pride of Peru. The Olympics were the best and yesterday Gladys Tejeda and Joanna de la Cruz proved why they are called Olympians, they wore not only Picolor, but the whole of Latin America. Under the most difficult circumstances, the Peruvian women finished marathon as the best in our region Up to 15 suspended in one trial due to prevailing heat in Sapporo.

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Watching Gladys go out with the help of a wheelchair speaks volumes about what this test means. The race started with a temperature of 27 degrees and ended with 29, the highest demand from our representatives.

“Everything possible is well done and the best South American has ever done, and that’s good,” Gladys summarizes in the brief contact we received after addressing the competition title.

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Again, Peru was representative of the continent, as Gladys Rio did in 2016 (15th) and in London in 2012 (25th) as Ines Melcore did. At the moment, conditions are not helping to improve levels and move between the tops, but the Peruvians are showing that their steps on the continent are the best, with the exception of Spanish-speaking continental athletes.

“The competition was very tough, the weather. We tried to beat him, but the weather was decisive,” Joanna tells us at the end of the competition.

The city of Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido was recognized for its majestic Odori park and the Peruvians crossed the Olympic goal as the best Latin Americans, again elevating the national colors.

Tokyo 2020: Gladys Tejeta and Joanna de la Cruz, Latin America's Pride in the Hot Marathon
Tokyo 2020: Gladys Tejeta and Joanna de la Cruz, Latin America’s Pride in the Hot Marathon

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