Today’s Horoscope, August 29, 2023, All Zodiac Signs

It contains Today’s Horoscope, Tuesday August 29, UranusThe planet that controls your expansion and helps you break out of everything that keeps you in your comfort zone begins its path Retrospective So you can review the decisions you made impulsively and rebelliously.

Aries Horoscope

Uranus has long been responsible for sudden changes and unpredictable situations in your economy. One of the effects of this influence is to increase your impatience to achieve financial freedom.

For this reason, your way of making money may have already changed unexpectedly or you have made a decision that did not give you the desired result. As of today, the mentioned planet begins its retrograde path and the changes you want to achieve may be delayed. Use this to analyze the situation and see what you can improve.

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Taurus horoscope

Uranus, the planet responsible for bringing you unexpected changes, is transiting your sign. For this reason, in the last six months you will have noticed a lot of acceleration in your process and a desire to specify everything immediately.

Accordingly, you may realize that you do not have enough time to make all the changes you want, but today the aforementioned star begins its retrograde, which gives you the opportunity to review the changes that have been decided. It is only now that the universe advises you to reconsider them; Especially, the ones where you are being very selfish.

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Gemini horoscope

For several months, Uranus, the planet associated with open-mindedness, has given you the opportunity to download more information. Specifically, through dreams and meditations. For this reason, your intellectual capacity has increased, and in addition, you have greatly expanded and changed your vision, letting go of many structured and limiting ideas to connect with more energy.

But starting today and for the next few months, it will be retrograde, and this movement will help you rethink the changes you’ve made in your mind and keep something more resonant within you.

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Cancer horoscope

For six months, Uranus has been encouraging you to improve your quality of life, bringing you many new people with whom you can share your desire for improvement and ideas for the future.

Today the indicated planet begins its retrograde path, and with this movement in the horoscope, old friends who have shared the same ideals for some time may appear.

Now, they will come back to your life and decide to join your new ideas and plans. So, if they have had problems before, I recommend reviewing the reasons for the discussion to talk about them and fix them.

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Leo Horoscope

Over the months, you’ve been constantly changing the way you present yourself professionally to achieve greater success. You leave behind a traditional and classic image to prove what you really are and thus implement your own ideas and your individuality.

Plus, you’ve experienced situations where you changed your company or career because you didn’t recognize what you were doing.

This was due to the influence of Uranus, but today it will be on its retrograde path. By changing the direction of the indicated planet, you will analyze to modify or complement these results.

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Virgo Horoscope

Uranus, the planet responsible for giving you more light and wisdom, has been influencing the part of your horoscope related to life philosophies and religions in recent months. All of this made a big shift in your mind and your goals by getting to know other cultures and other visions of reality.

You have learned to meditate and know the true power of mantras. Today the indicated planet begins its retrograde path, causing you to reconsider those changes, now that you are clear about your ideals.

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Libra horoscope

For six months, Uranus, the star that inspires you to make changes that will improve your life, has been influencing you to make a restructuring of your inner world. Prepare yourself for the arrival of new loves in your senses by knowing who you are moving away from or bringing into your life.

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But today the aforementioned planet begins its retrograde path, so you can reconsider these changes and thus have a better love life. For this, I advise you to prepare this special bath to attract happiness with natural ingredients.

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Scorpio horoscope

Uranus, the planet responsible for freeing you from the past and connecting with your own individuality and essence, has been activating the personal relationship sector of your life for several months. The aim is for you to discover a completely unique and original part of yourself so that you can attract people who are truly compatible with you.

For this reason, you may have seen new people enter your life unexpectedly and you may have started a relationship in a completely unexpected way. Today the aforementioned star begins its retrograde, so you can check that you are following the relationship.

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A sign that you don’t accept extensions and limitations. Over the past six months, you’ve noticed that you’re struggling to maintain discipline and stick to work hours. This is due to the influence of your rebellious Uranus, which activates the work side of your horoscope.

For this reason, you have taken very impulsive decisions as your priority is to achieve your labor and economic independence. However, today the mentioned star begins its retrograde path, so you can review these results and see if any corrections are necessary.

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You are one of the most structured zodiac signs. But due to the influence of Uranus, the planet associated with risky actions, you understand that it is comfortable for you to break out of your routine and thus follow what your heart tells you. It is for this reason that you have allowed yourself to be driven in many aspects and initiated the changes you need to make in your life.

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Specifically, giving free rein to your emotions. Today the aforementioned star begins its retrograde path and thanks to this influence, you can begin to review the changes you have made and see how much courage you have to continue implementing them.

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Aquarius horoscope

Over the past several months, Uranus has been responsible for improving your quality of life by freeing you from the past, influencing you to let go of emotional issues that have plagued you. And you put aside what should no longer be in your life. In this way, you can attract new and happy situations into your environment.

But today, the aforementioned planet begins its retrograde path so that you can analyze these distances and consciously consider who you need to distance yourself from and forget that old love once and for all with this ritual.

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Pisces people

Uranus, the planet responsible for fueling your individuality and genius, has been supporting you for a long time so that you can renew your thoughts and feelings. Its purpose is to help you break out of outdated concepts that lead you to repeat stories and never leave the internal platform.

Because of this you flow more freely, give free rein to your passion and your heart, and let go of those you thought were no longer with you. The aforementioned planet will begin its retrograde today and will remain so for several months, during which time you can evaluate and reaffirm the changes you have made.

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