Toblerone chocolate is forced to change its logo due to the ban

Geneva Famous chocolate brand Tobleronewhich began to be marketed 115 years ago in Switzerland, will be forced by law to stop using the Matterhorn as an emblem on its packaging, following its recent decision to move its production to Slovakia.

Created by Swiss chocolatier Theodor Tobler in 1908, the company was affected by regulations that prevented certain symbols such as the national flag or Cervino (also known as the Matterhorn) from being displayed on commercial products if they were not manufactured in the country.

The American multinational Mondelez, owner of Toblerone since 2012, presented this change to the local newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, and also indicated that the “Made in Switzerland” logo, also accompanying the packaging, would be replaced by “Incorporated in Switzerland”, also by order. legal.


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Swiss laws state that for a product to be presented as made in the country (something usually associated with higher prices), 80% of its raw materials must come from the territory, a percentage that still increases, to 100%, in the case of milk and its derivatives.

With its characteristic triangular shape (which is also very similar to the Matterhorn), this chocolate with almonds and honey is a must-have in all tourist shops in Switzerland, including those near the famous Alps, one of the most visited places in the country, with an altitude of 4, 478 metres.

Toblerone production moved to Slovakia, to a factory in BratislavaIt was announced in June last year, after more than a century of manufacturing in Bern.

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Toblerone combines the brand’s founder’s surname with the Italian word “torrone”, a honey-almond dessert with a lexical origin similar to that of the Spanish nougat.

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