To the end! The Olympia-Marathon is already in its second half at the Carlos Miranda Stadium in Comayagua!


Welcome to minute-by-minute coverage of the Olympia-Marathon showdown!

46′: “Mango” Sanchez sends in a venomous cross, but Jorge Benguet is offside.

The second half of the match begins!

Change of plans! At the start of the second half the teams get into action.

A light drizzle is falling at the Carlos Miranda Stadium in Comayagua at the moment.

Attention: Thunderstorms delayed the start of the second half. Players will rest for 30 minutes.

45+2′: End of the first half.

45+1′: Marathon saved! Edwin Rodríguez took a great left-footed pass that kissed the “Greens” frame.

Four. Five’: The referee adds two more minutes to the game.

42′: Menjivarrrrrrr! The goalkeeper made a classy save to avoid Tomín Ramirez’s right-hander falling into his own goal.

37′: Samudiooooo! Spectacular volley from goalkeeper “Mango” Sanchez for a beautiful left foot.

36′: Jose Aguilera defeated Mayer Nunez. Salgado shows another yellow and Olimpia take a dangerous free kick.

33′: UFFFFFF! Luis Vega was close to putting the ball in the back of the net, but the “Whites” blocked the ball with Purslane’s shot.

31′: Jorge Alvarez was booked by Olympia. Nelson Salgado did not forgive him behind the merengue.

29′: How close! Bengueche was poised to punt the ball, but Marathon’s defense gave way in a monumental way.

28′: Alan Panegas is the second player to be cautioned by Marathon after taking out Jose Mario Pinto.

26′: Marathon could not find a way to hurt Olympia’s goal.

22′: Aha! The keeper “Greens” saved without any problem after a dangerous move by Damin Ramirez Menjivar to shoot at goal.

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17′: Olympia gooooooooool! Bengtsson scored a marathon goal after stealing the ball before Cesar Zamudio took off.

fifteen’: Another yellow! Now Félix Crisanto receives a yellow card after taking down Mayer Nunez.

13′: Mayor Nunes “Bajarito” Aguilera is knocked down, but the referee blows the whistle and instructs Olympia’s side.

10′: Nelson Salgado whistled for Olimpia after a foul on Jose Mario Pinto.

6′: UFFFFFF! Selwyn Guevara manages to shoot at Olympia’s goal, but the ball goes over the crossbar.

4′: “Mango” Sanchez spikes the band, but the ball crosses the goal kick line.

1′: Andre Orellana passes brilliantly and evades a clear goal pass from Bengtsson to Bengucci.

Competition begins in Comayagua!

5:55 PM: Players from both teams walk out to receive etiquette before the start of the game.

5:47 PM: Olympia and Marathon players return to Carlos Miranda’s dressing room.

5:40 PM: Edis Ibarguen surprises in marathon starting 11 Clayvin Zúniga appeared on the substitute bench.

5:37 PM: During this time, Olympians and marathon runners do their pre-competition training.

5:30 PM: Olimpia bench: Juan Pablo Montes, Jonathan Paz, Jamir Maldonado, Gabriel Araujo, Jose Mendoza, Kevin Lopez, German Mejia, Solani Solano, Bonique Garci, Yann Maciel, Justin Arbolida and Brian Moya.

5:25 PM: Marathon bench: John Jairo Jimenez, Clavin Zuniga, Marco Tulio Vega, Alans Vargas, Denilson Nunez, Axel Motino, Victor Berrios, Axel Alvarado, Jonathan Bueso and Luis Ortiz.

5:20 PM: Marathon 11: Cesar Samudio; Félix Crisanto, Andre Orellana, Francisco Martinez, Luis Vega, Tamin Ramirez, Selwyn Guerra, Jose Aguilera, Gilmer Pena, Eddie Ibarcuen and Alan Banegas.

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5:15 PM: 11 Olympia: Eric Menjivar; Jose Garcia, Brian Beckels, Carlos Sanchez, Maylor Nunez, Carlos Pineda, Jorge Alvarez, Jose Mario Pinto, Edwin Rodriguez, Jorge Bengucci and Jerry Bengtson.

5:10 PM: Olympia and Marathon drew 1-1 in the first leg. Jerry Bengtson scored for the Merengues. Luis Vega endorses “Greens”.

5:05 PM: The “white” and “green” footballers return to the dressing rooms and begin training.

5:00 PM: In a few minutes the starting lines for Olympia and Marathon will be known.

4:55 PM: A win on any score is a must if Marathon wants to advance to the finals of the Clausura 2023.

4:50 PM: Olympic fans continue to pour into Carlos Miranda Stadium.

4:45 PM: The marathon also settles in Comayagua, a city known for its second runner-up.

4:40 PM: Olympia soccer players walk out to recognize the stadium of Estadio Carlos Miranda de Comayagua.

4:40 PM: His right leg was swollen. Nasser clarified that the footballer will be in today’s fight. “I think he will be there, he is part of the team that has traveled and he will play,” he said.

4:35 PM: Clavin Zuniga, striker and goal man for Marathon, was injured in an action involving Olympian Mayer Nunez.

4:30 PM: Olympia players arrive at the Carlos Miranda Stadium in Comayagua.

4:25 PM: What’s the key to success?, asked the GP. “Play well, play good football and move on. The team has to go on to win and I am calm because I know they will do their best and the player is excited when there are games like this,” he began.

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4:20 PM: Before heading to Comayagua, purslane technician Salomon Nasser warned that no tourists should visit the old capital of Honduras.

4:10 PM: Ultra Feel begins its walk in the surroundings of the Carlos Miranda de Comayagua Stadium.

4:08 pm: The Lions get the Green Monster on terms in their favor today, and the Machine is looking for a classy afternoon ahead of the Donkeys.

4:05 PM: The ticket to the Grand Final is at stake and everything is limited today in Comagua, at the Carlos Miranda de Comagua Stadium.

4:00 PM: Olympia marathoners want to bring their parents a big gift with the finish of the semi-finals before celebrating Mother’s Day.

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