Los Angeles Lakers retaliate against player who wanted to beat LeBron James


After a fight between Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James, the Detroit Pistons visited the Los Angeles Lakes and retaliated against the center.

Isaiah Stewart and LeBron James
© Kevork Djansezian / Getty ImagesIsaiah Stewart and LeBron James

Weekend action NBA It ended up being one of the worst and quietest games of recent times: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons. They played after the fight LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart, There was retaliatory action against the attacked player ‘King’.

LeBron was clear to agree Whether or not the foot that caused Stewart 8 stitches was intentionally made, Isaiah did not hesitate to respond against James and the Lakers. The pistons caught fire on Sunday, November 28th. What is going to happen between the two players?

Only the first attack on Isaiah Stewart’s painting was seen and the game’s revenge Los Angeles Lakers. Dylan Horton-Tucker, one of the most admired players by LeBron James, did not hesitate to give a strong foul to the Pistons Center. Oops! Fortunately he did not react as he had objected ‘King’.

When Stewart went to the free throw line, the second dose against Isaiah was avenged. This time it was not Anthony Davis O. Russell Westbrook The one who came out for LeBron’s defense, gave him the Lockers fans A ‘Hot’ Welcome For the player who wanted to beat James at all costs.

Video: Lakers’ revenge against Stewart for his fight with LeBron

They did not publicly declare Isaiah Stuart fans at the Staples Center cheer for the player Detroit Pistons and “Pu” did not leave him alone when he went to pick up his first free throws. The sweet revenge of the Los Angeles Lakers team against the player who thought to hit LeBron James 33 units, 9 assists and 5 rebounds will end with a good win of 110 to 106 points. ‘King’.

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