Tito Trinidad brings a chicken stew to Team Rubio

Miami The People’s Champion, Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad, visited Team Rubio this Tuesday afternoon for a lunch the team had on their day off ahead of Wednesday’s decisive match against the Dominican Republic.

Trinidad called on the team to give Rubio what he called “extra” chicken broth to beat the Dominican Republic in a match that would define the two teams’ chance to advance to the second round of the World Classic. .

“Dona Irma’s broth is already ready. That broth is ready for me,” said Trinidad, touching her seats. “Extra broth for the knockout. That’s the extra Rubio’s team will get against the Dominican Republic.”

Dona Irma’s sauce is well known in Puerto Rico. Trinidad’s mother Mrs. It was the chicken broth that Irma made for him as he weighed in for his fight and gained instant strength. During Trinidad’s career, the production of broth was the subject of news in the print media and even on television. The transport process to the place where Tito fought must also be reported.

Tito Trinidad shares a lunch with Puerto Rican ninth pitcher Jose Perios at a restaurant in Miami. Puerto Rico was independent on Tuesday. (Jorge Figueroa Loza)

At today’s meeting in Miami, Trinidad personally addressed Team Rubio at the Mofongo restaurant on Miami’s famed 8th Street, and Team Rubio responded with applause and cheers.

Rubio’s team is preparing to qualify for the second round of the Clasico. He needs a win against the Dominican Republic, who has a 2-3 record in the World Classics, to make sure.

There will also be a mathematical option that can be classified in reverse. But that depends on whether the Dominican Republic loses to Israel on Tuesday, so the definition of classification is subject to a formula that involves dividing runs allowed by putouts to determine who advances.

Trinidad posted a motivational video for Team Rubio on her social media last Monday. He did so after the team’s loss to Venezuela on Sunday. After the loss, Puerto Rico scored a ‘perfect game’ knockout victory against Israel.

The content of the video represents the sense of struggle that Trinidad fell into Knock down And he got up to win fights on the fast track.

“I got up when they knocked me down. My dad was in the corner and slapped me and asked me, are you okay? I told him ‘I’m fine’. To which he replied, ‘Okay, we’re going to fight now.’ That’s what happened to Team Rubio,” Trinidad said.

Several of Puerto Rico’s key players attended the lunch, including Francisco Lindor, Javier Báez and Edwin ‘Sugar’ Díaz.

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