Timo Glock, on the Norris-Pérez incident: “It is fair to give your opponent space and that he can overtake”

After the safety car period in the last Austrian race, there was an exciting battle between Lando Norris and Sergio Pérez for second position until they reached Turn 4. At this point, the Briton had blocked the path of his rival, leaving him with no space and no opportunity for him to continue this battle. With this maneuver and, to avoid contact between the two, the Mexican had to go to the gravel trap causing him to fall to the tenth position. However, this event was repeated later with different protagonists, this time between Pérez and Leclerc. In the end, Race Direction had penalized 5 seconds for each action.

Since always, there were overtaking on the outside of a curve, but the situation had been different this time. Of course, the McLaren has defended its position with everything, but that lack of space has been questionable. With this action, Timo Glock matches the Race Direction stance in which Norris forced Pérez off the track, as there was no more room to continue on the left side of the track.

Norris had to make room for Pérez, according to Glock

“In Formula 1, it should be fair to overtake on the inside as well as on the outside. There is no rule that says you cannot pass on the outside. The person who tries [el que está por fuera] you know it is a dangerous situation. From my point of view, it is fair to give your opponent space and have that opportunity to overtake. Norris knew he was being attacked, as a pilot, you have to allow the other to pass you. Obviously, the one in that situation always argues in his favor. If you think about giving a good show, you have to give that space “, the former Formula 1 driver has finished in words collected in the German Sky.

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