Through the joint film, President Barack Obama praises the newspaper’s investigations

At the end of this year, Barack Obama released a list of favorite movies and series from the last 12 months on social media.

“Like you, I ‘ve been locked up at home for a long time this year, and as streaming sites begin to clear the line between movies and series, I chose to expand this year’s list to include all the stories.

Joint documentary on the summit of Barack Obama

Obama has also added to his list of films the documentary Collective, the story of the first year after the Bucharest Club Collective fire that killed 64 people. The film follows officials and journalists in an attempt to expose the truth. It is a film about people against the organization, about truth and manipulation, about self-interest and the common good, courage and responsibility.

Joint, screened from the competition at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, Romania’s nomination for the “International Film” category at the 2021 Oscars. Also, “Joint”, directed by Alexander Nanov, was nominated for this year’s European documentary at the 33rd edition of the European Film Academy Awards.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is Barack Obama’s favorite film of 2020?

While this did not create a step, in the category of films, the first film to hit Obama’s list was the screening of August Wilson’s play “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”. The film is produced by Denzel Washington and stars Viola Davis in the lead role. Story It focuses on blues singer Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), who clashes with his white manager and producer. In short, in a studio in Chicago, the temperature rises, but the tension escalates after the fearless blues singer Ma Rainey arrives for a recording session with the band.

Paradoxically, the task of confronting the officers belongs to the sports newspaper Gazette Sporturil. Old-school journalism methods hit: Gossip through the papers, attracting phones. The oldest press question also succeeds: Why do these people lie?
Financial Times

“Collectively, a masterpiece, not the moment”

At the top of Rolling Stone magazine, the Collective was named the best documentary of 2020: “When the Collective was screened at the Fall Festival last year, it was easy to see that it was a flat masterpiece. . To see it now is to experience something deeper. It is the story of a country’s inability to take care of its citizens. This is the story of how a government is more concerned with filling its own pockets and being represented in power. “

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Collectively, international praise

Dozens of the world’s largest publications, including the New York Times, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Guardian and the Los Angeles Times, refer to the documentary as a collective. Manohla Turkis wrote in The New York Times:I would have loved to know how Gazette Sportular, a sports newspaper that usually features football teams in its headlines, has developed such an amazing investigative team. ”. Ian Herbert noted in the Daily Mail: “Coalition is a documentary of our time, echoing everywhere where government officials lie blatantly to cover up their incompetence. Everywhere reporters were – those who were surprised, those who dug, those who were not afraid to pick up the phone – were considered disposable products.

Gazette Sportilor created a special site with over 200 articles that formed the basis of these revelations.

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